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Execution of the various Diameter Piles -piles (60 cm to 240 cm)

 They are divided into: -

  • 1- Bored piles with the use of bentonite suspension to support aspects of drilling:
    Diameter Piles s (60-80 - 100 - 120-150-200-240 cm) Depths up to 60 meters
  • 2- Continuous fight auger:
    Diameter Piles s (50 - 60 - 80-90 cm) Diameter Piles s (50-60 - 70-80 -90 cm ) Depths up to 35 m and steel cage up to16m for a maximum.
  • 3 – Diaphragm walls:
    Diaphragm wall Execute in normal soil or rock for side support and barrettes Use the buildings support. ** Thickness: 60-80 - 100 - 120 cm ** Depth: up to 50 meters
  • Drilling machine Bg39
  •  MAIT hr180 drilling machine
  •  MAIT hr420 drilling machine
  •  Drilling machine sr105
  •  R825 drilling machine
  •  Drilling machine sr70
  •  Drilling machine sr50
  •  Drilling machine bg24
  •  Drilling machine bg25
  •  Drilling machine sf50
  •  The BC30-BC40-HS405-HS855

Auxiliary drilling tools are used to penetrate different soil layers to reach the required length of the gravel and are installed on the different drilling machines according to soil type.

  • HEAVY DUTY BUCKET Used in penetrating very hard soil
  • HEAVY DUTY BUCKET Used in penetrating very hard soil
  • Tools used to penetrate rocky soil or rock
  • Tools used to penetrate the soil are very cohesive, solid and rocky

Diffam separators width 1.2 m and 1.00 m STOPED up to 45 m

Drilling and mixing plant
  •  Production rate 10 to 20 m 3 / hour 
  • Automatic unit with high rate of production 
  • Loader mixer rate 30 m 3 / hour
  • From BE30 to BE-50 purification unit to separate sand, mud and organic soil from bentonite liquid for reuse.
  • BE BE-6 consists of two concentric units that are mounted parallel to the holder.
  • BE-12/50An automatic purification plant for the treatment of rubella and its components to be re-used again. The parts of the plant shall be installed inside a standard container for easy transportation and bentonite mobile and mounted tanks.
Auxiliary Equipment

Used to finish the implementation of the gravel and the download of the cage and cast concrete

  • Cranes
  • Cranes on Katina load from 50 tons to 100 tons
  •  IHI 50 tons
  •  IHI 70 tons
  •  Hitachi 80 tons
  •  Hitachi 100 tons
  •  RB 50 tons
  • Loaders
  • 950 H - 950 F - 938 K - Winch Telescopic Forklift
  • Pumps
  • Submersible pumps with different sizes Robe
  • pumps with different capacities and sizes (FERSCO)
  • Water pumps
  • Generators
  • 150 kV Amp - 200 kV Amp 400 kV Amp - 365 kVA Amp
  • Transat welding
  • Diesel welding harnesses
  • Welding transformers 400 amp
  • Welding transformers 600 amp
  • Starting from 2 m 3 to 90 m 3
  • Electrical panels at the highest level of safety and certified by international companies
  • Electric main boards up to 600 amp
  • Electric distribution boards of different loads up to 300 amp
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